Athlete Collaboration: Enhancing the Game

Red Bull, the energy drink company synonymous with gravity defying extreme sports, have teamed up with the most talented snowboarder of our time, Shaun White, to redefine the progression of snowboarding like never before and etch their brand name into the annals of snowboarding history forever.


Billboard: Location Recall

The marketing campaign for Sony Pictures new movie District 9 started with site specific OOH placements to build buzz. After the buzz had subsided and the pictures had circulated the regular marketing sites, a trailer for the movie was published that actually used the placements in the movie as part of the stories location and setting. Suddenly audiences found that the locations they had seen these billboards and posters at were in fact part of the story itself, not just ads.

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We live in a changing media world, one where almost anything is possible and where brand expressions aren’t limited to the confines of one page or thirty seconds of TV. We live in a time where commercials are projected on the moon, typed in the sky, mo(u)lded into packaging, made into activities, viewed in an alternate augmented reality and where technological capabilities are no longer the limits of what is and isn’t possible. Ideas come in all shapes and sizes and it’s changing the way we tell stories. Doing the things we think we cannot do has never been easier.

People don’t live above the line or below it, they can’t be categorized and their world is a super transparent one. Anything people or companies do these days are the ways their audiences experience them. Gone are the days where companies control their image through just a few outlets. It’s a fractured media world out there and orchestrating our behavio(u)r holistically is the only way to understand all the places and spaces we should show up and how our audiences are going to experience us.

This blog is dedicated to the best of those experiences. The ones that make you say “wow” and tell your friends. The ones that you discover and become interested in, not the ones that interrupt what your interested in.